Top 15 Strategies for Growing Your MSME in Nigeria With Samples

Growing a Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise (MSME) in Nigeria requires a blend of strategic planning, leveraging available resources, and innovative thinking. Drawing from over 20 years of experience, I present a detailed analysis of effective strategies, supplemented with real-life … Read More

5 Proactive Measures Your Business Must Take To Survive An Economic Meltdown

Most businesses do not survive a period of recession not because their products or services are not needed in the market. Instead, their operational exits are occasioned by a lack of proper planning. overlooking essential market signals and not minimizing the business’ exposure to risks. Thus, to strengthen your business during an economic meltdown, it is important to identify the cracks in your system, and how you are doing your business now and look for ways to improve them. … Read More

Business Process Improvement: Reasons & Benefits

Business Process Improvement (BPI) refers to diagnosing, analyzing, and improving existing business processes in an enterprise to enhance performance and provide continuous business growth. … Read More

2022: 3 Must-Dos for MSMEs

Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises are no doubt the core engine of growth in every economy. As we go into the last part of the first quarter of the administrative year, it is important to remind key business decision-makers that the time for planning and it is time to start executing. … Read More

3 Ways To Leverage Digital Disruption

Disruption is inevitable for every business and at some point, digital disruption will come for every organization regardless of size. Those who prepare for it will be flexible enough to thrive in a time of disruption, but the organization that overlooks it is surely handshaking exit as a business. … Read More

Want A Successful Administrative Year? Consider these 4 things

The new year inspires renewed energy and excitement for what could happen. It’s a fresh start and the perfect time to reflect on the past and plan for the future – to set goals and figure out how to meet them. Even though Y2022 has begun, it’s not too late to kick things off rightly to help ensure growth for your business. … Read More

Brand & Branding

A Brand! What comes to mind when you read, see or interact with the term as an MSME? Is it your logo? Or the colours of your business? Well, for most business owners, it is as much as the posers while others believe it includes your website, social media presence, etc. But is that all that it is? … Read More

Outsourcing: What, Why & When?

Every business – Small, Medium, or Large-sized – wants to grow. When the growth happens, it becomes the responsibility of the whole team to sustain the business’ competitive edge. Hence, the need to focus on strategic and technical competence arises while doing away with the company’s non-core functions. … Read More

How NOT To Micromanage

MSME Managers must understand that running a small business involves so many different tasks and skills that as the business grows bigger, some sort of assistance and division of labour becomes necessary for the business to succeed. Yet a major factor to the success of every enterprise, big or small is how to harness the quality of employees at disposal for business growth. … Read More