3 Ways To Leverage Digital Disruption

An intriguing update that shook the business waves at the start of the year was that Stanbic IBTC was closing down 50% of its physical branch in Nigeria solely because the bank wants to go fully digital as a step toward prioritising full-scale digital banking.

Disruption is inevitable for every business and at some point, digital disruption will come for every organization regardless of size. Those who prepare for it will be flexible enough to thrive in a time of disruption, but the organization that overlooks it is surely handshaking exit as a business.

1. Be Human-Centric

No organization can exist without its’ people. Customers, investors, vendors, employees and a list of other persons affected by the operations of an organization are crucial to a business’s survival. Regardless of digital disruption, your people should come first. Technology being the centre point of digital disruption should be seen as an ENABLER of processes and not the process itself.

Make your people the focus of every tool and strategy intended to drive disruption and not the other way round. Be sure that your chosen method of leveraging digital disruption solves the challenges of your people. That way, disruption is sure to foster business growth. But how do you do this? Check Number Two.

2. Be Data Conscious

In times of disruption, disregarding data is equal to failure. it is the foundation of every strategy and methodology to be used to control disruption to your business’ favour. Do not overlook even the smallest of data. Customer interaction, buyer journey, employee reactions, investor comments etc. are all sources of critical data essential to personalizing the experience of your people during a disruption.

Be sure to be on top of trends as well as government policies. These too are avenues for micro-moments that shape how disruption can be adopted. Collecting and analyzing this data triggers your business for proper adoption.

3. Automate

Digital disruption is all about using technology to drive business processes. today we have different kinds of technology doing this. From Blockchain to Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), ERP Systems etc. They all have one thing in common, and that is to help us do business more efficiently and effectively.

However, with digital disruption comes tonnes of activities and processes to be managed. There is no way direct human interaction can sufficiently deliver a worthwhile experience. Hence, automation becomes inevitable. Automating business processes such as Bookkeeping, HR, Payroll Management, Investor Relationship, Compliance etc. with tools like AOAHUB makes digital disruption the equity harnessed for your organizational growth.


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